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I thought I had reached the Holy Grail of photography when I was asked to shoot for a special edition of National Geographic. My biggest regret is that I never cataloged or saved my prints or negatives. Dumb!! We moved to Myrtle Beach in 2010. I realized that I had never been very good with cataloging my photos or digital photos. Music and surfing seemed natural for a beach town, so that's what I've mainly been shooting. But as you see in my pics, I like to try different and new types of photography. After seeing what people were doing from around the world, I thought water drop photography looked interesting. After 600 frames I finally got a mediocre drop explosion. One day, while looking at the drops, I noticed they kind of looked like waves! AHA! I can put my surfers on my water drop waves. I think I may be the only one to come up with that idea :) :). Anyway, I'm always interested in trying new things. Thanks for looking at my photos.